14 October 2013

Flash from the Past {Personal}

I just love pictures so much... too much.
So I will share some cute ones from my past (hopefully you agree that they are cute, I mean, I'm not biased towards myself or anything, right?!) ;)

50's day dress up for 2nd grade :) My mom was always so good about sewing us the perfect outfits for these occasions.

Everything about this picture is perfect, and I will be forever grateful to my mom for capturing it on camera. I mean, it doesn't get more little-girlish than pig-tails, tippy-toes, and mouth gaping open ;)

Some how I really remember this day so vividly in my mind! Momma was working with the garden, and she had removed some of the elephant ear plants for some reason and I was so, so happy to get to use one as an umbrella. I held it proudly above my head back to the porch and I don't know how long I sat on the swing like that, but apparently long enough for someone to come take a picture of the happy girl.

"Fwhello? Yesh, we are marshmallows today! Now, just let ush go play in the snow!" Haha

My Nanna would always supply us with snacks at camp (It was mostly because she wanted us to come visit her in her trailer, but we loved to visit her anyway). I think graham crackers were actually my all-time favorite, but vanilla wafers must have ranked up there pretty close for me to be doing this.

I just love childhood, and I love the memories :)


  1. Awwwww those are adorable pics:) thank you for sharing them(;!!!

    1. :) I should have added that one of us with firework ashes smeared all over our face! ;) lol