16 October 2013


I needed a little time out of the house, out of school, and just by myself to do something non-pressing ;)
I was super excited for the Maple Leaf Festival coming up, but it turns out that I might not get to go. So, last night I decided that I would take my camera on a date to an antique mall on my way to school to get that little relaxing me-time. 
So, I'm all stuck in a vintage mood today. Packing a thermos of tea to keep me warm until the car heated up... leaving early in my old beetle... sipping tea and zipping along back roads... swerving around in an effort to miss of all the pot holes and bumping along from all the holes I didn't miss... the morning sun glaring in my face... finally pulling my little car into a parking spot on the town square. Ahh, it was all too perfect :)

First stop out of my car was the little street market.

A quick snap as I walked into the antique shop.

I really should have brought my Lensbaby in, but I only had my 50mm, so I did a little freelensing. I'm really glad I have the Lensbaby so I don't ruin my camera's sensor, but sometimes freelensing is just a tad bit more fun... ;)

Neosho newspaper from 1969... Same year as my car ;)

And I didn't leave the place without a purchase for my new room upstairs.

A question for my readers...
Should I make the pictures a little smaller or is it good like it is?



  1. I was just thinkin it'd be nice if they were a little smaller ;) it's hard to get the full picture when we have to scroll through it. =) and I *want* to see the whole picture!

    1. :) Okay, thanks for telling me. I'll change it... :)

  2. Since I have a large monitor screen on my desktop I have no problem seeing all of each of those beautiful pictures. I especially loved the ones of the veggies. So pretty. You are so very talented not only in the use of your camera but with your composure ability. Love seeing your pictures.