17 October 2013

Oh the Joys!

...of losing pictures.
I lost all of my pictures from the March to May of this year because I didn't have my mac yet. They were on another laptop and it crashed before I could get them off. :( 
Bye-bye to all of the pictures I took when I first got my camera... :'( {Thankfully I had really important ones on a flash drive... like a senior session. Whew!}
At least I have this blog that I have resized images on... and flickr has some original sized ones.

So I remembered this picture I wanted to find... and of course it was one of the thousands that I lost. So I had to download it from Flickr.
Great! ...with one small problem. It had my watermark on it! :/
So here's a little of what I had to do so I could use the picture again.
Not something I can do with all pictures, but thankfully this one worked and I can submit it into a little local contest.

"I will obliterate you, little watermark!"

Before - After



  1. That stinks!! i am soo sorry:) btw, i was going to comment on your previous post about your market and antique picture day- its really cool. Mark me up in your books for graduation pics...whenever that blessed day finally decides to come:) LOL

    1. Thanks :) And awesome, I would have so much fun taking your pictures! Yes, graduation was the most "blessed" day of my life yet, I hope it comes quickly for you! :)