25 December 2013

A Bit of Christmas Eve

This Christmas we were reveling in the fact that we weren't going to decorate. (Only after convincing ourselves that it wasn't really necessary and feeling slightly guilty for being so lazy.) But when it was decided that we would be "hosting" the Adams at our house this year Momma thought she had to decorate a little bit. So out come the pinecones and some lights and other winter things. Nothing big... but I must say that I started to feel the warm, fuzzy Christmas feelings all over again when I saw our house decorated a little bit. Now, obviously that isn't the true meaning of Christmas, though. In fact I just heard a really, really good message about Christmas -- "The Real Meaning" It's worth listening to in my opinion.

We tend to always celebrate with the Adams on Christmas Eve and then have our own family time on Christmas morning. We just do the typical... stuff-yourself-with-tons-of-food, exchange a present and play games together.

And ever since little Lacey was born, our Holiday gatherings are filled with so much more laughter and smiles! We all adore her so much!

We played Mad Gab :)
Here's one that I had today: "Easel Aid Ease Man"  >  "He's a lady's man"
It's so funny to watch someone saying all these stupid syllables over and over until something clicks. Then their face lights up and they shout out the exact same thing they've been saying all along -- just with a new meaning. Ha! 

Merry Christmas!


  1. Looks like y'all were having fun! :) I LOVE playing games! :) Those glasses are too funny too.

  2. :) Yeah, those glasses were the same ones I sent you a picture of earlier. I actually gave them to Darren first... and then of course they were passed around the room :P