26 December 2013

Zacharias Family Portraits

Yay! ...for posting pictures I promised back in October :)
I wasn't procrastinating either; Juliane wanted to be able to send out her Christmas cards first. :)
So now Christmas is over. I'm happily on the way up to West Virginia to be with my newly married sister and to spend a little time on Snowshoe Mountain {hopefully skiing and tubing?? Please!!! :D}

But, back to the pictures... this is Stetson and his mommy and daddy.
At the beginning it was just Stetson and his mommy so I chased him around as he ran circles, just caught up in his own world of play. ;)

I think this is one of my personal favorites (I'm talking about the previous picture... I hope you have caught on by now that I write about the picture AFTER the picture) :)

These were taken at the Sorrell's annual hayride in the hills of Missouri. I always love to go, just to be with people. But this year, when I knew that I was going to take their family pictures, I got sooo nervous and I wasn't nearly as excited about the whole day just because of the nagging anxiousness going on inside. 
But as soon as it was done I was happy with the way it went. And even though I still know that I wasn't perfect at being on top of posing them and keeping the session flowing (as much as I would like), I have to tell myself that I'm still obviously learning! :P

And now these pictures are making me miss green grass :/  ...and editing golden hour pictures. (I must say it was a very happy editing process as I began to really see for myself what is so special about the golden hour!)



  1. oh these are awesome, Marleah! I think my favorite pictures you've posted…I love the ones of them walking down the road, and then the one where Zeke and Stetson are walking away from the camera - they all are amazing =)

  2. So cute! I love them all!! :) :) I think my favorite one is the one with all 3 of them by the tree trunk. The one that you did in color and then also in B/W. LOVE IT. Their expressions are really good too. I don't know how to make people make "true" expressions.

    1. Aw, thanks! They were just super good subjects!

  3. What a beautiful family! This photos are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!