27 December 2013

Christmas: Take 2

...scratch that. Christmas: Take 3 err 4

We've already celebrated with the Coles, the Adams, our immediate family, and now with my sister and Marty in their new home in West Virginia. But I guess that's normal to celebrate Christmas a lot.

The ride up here was quite the adventure. We were loaded to the brim in the trunk with clothes, gifts and Alyssa's stuff she wanted us to bring out. And then we had boxes of her stuff piled in the empty seat in the back (c'mon we never get a break! :P) And on top of that we brought Alyssa's cat, who serenaded us all the way with her frantic cries.

As we drove up to her house, I was just trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Alyssa, my sister indeed!, was living out here in the middle of nowhere. I would have never guessed that this would be the life for her. But I love her house and the location, and I am really happy for her!

So we get to enjoy being with her at her house for a few days.

Mrs. Clevenger and her momma and daddy :)

Mercy, the cat, was really restless at first in her new home, but soon enough she was relaxed and letting Alyssa carry her around the way she used to.
I think it's a win-win situation for both the cat and Marty and Alyssa because Mercy already got her first mouse! Haha!   < quite an eventful chase :P

The new "complete" family :)

I love her decor... or rather her whole house. It reminds me so much of the cabin we stay at in CO, except so much more comfortable!

Looking through the stair railing...

Playing Scattergories


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  1. Looks like their house is nice and cozy! Looks cute! :)