12 December 2013

Snow Day and GIFs

I took my last final at Crowder yesterday, and I picked up two of my cousins, Kendra and Bretton on my way home. My neighbor, Rachel, also came over; and the four of us had a blast... blasting each other with snowballs ;P ...and sledding.

Then we tried a few things to add some excitement... like riding a lawn wagon down the hill. Well, that failed. It didn't go fast at all. So then we built a ramp...

So there is our makings of the ramp... gathering snow and patting it down.

Bretton... always known for his facial expressions! :)

This was my first time going down... so my camera was passed off to the others to take pictures.
I look like I'm about to launch off of this earth or something. Lol

I have quite a few animated GIFs included in this post because we took soooo many pictures :)
Many thanks to Josh for hooking me up with Photoshop again so that I could make them!

Poor Rachel... she said this one hurt pretty bad! :/ But she was a really great sport!

 His face on the last frame of this one cracks me up... it looks exactly like the "weary face" emoticon. 

Oops! A little trip-up on the ramp! Haha

Yeah, I'm not sure what happened here, haha, but it's something to laugh about anyway! ;D

He landed it! o.O

It was a bunch of fun, both taking pictures and ramping!

Well, enjoy your weekend! 
If you are a college student, enjoy your month break off of school!
And if you live in my area of the country, get ready to enjoy the snow/rain we are supposed to get tomorrow! :)


  1. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! :D :D :D Love it! Thanks for having us over and making it very enjoyable! But my faces tho'... lol

    1. :) You're welcome.
      You're faces are perfectly fine. We were all making crazy faces :)

  2. Glad I could help! These turned out great, looks like you guys had a blast! :)

    1. Yeah, it really helped to condense those 577 pictures we took! o.O Haha

  3. Oh my goodness! These are awesome!! Snow pictures just make me happy! ;) And I love that you captured the funness in these photos! :) I can just tell y'all were having a blast!