07 December 2013


We had perfect fall weather Monday and Tuesday, then BAM! on Thursday and Friday we get snow!
I like it though. I do really want to go outside and be active though, but it doesn't take me long to realized that I really want to be back indoors snuggled by a fire.

I've seen several photographers take amazing snowflake macros recently. And when I saw them, I mentally thought "Cool thing to do one day... I'll go pin it so I don't forget it."
Well, in less than a week we had our own snow. So, I went outside and began to follow their tips and I was like, "What's wrong!?" I wasn't getting anything good. It turns out that macro photography (with a magnifying glass) is really probably not something for one person to do because you have to hold the camera and the glass and keep moving them both until you get it perfectly in focus. 
Plus, your hands are shaking because it's COLD! So I put my camera on continuous and took a ton of pictures to get some steady ones.

The picture on the right is kind of hard to see, but it is a cluster of snowflakes... it reminds me of geometric planes, haha.



  1. Those are sooooo awesome and beautiful:)!! You are extremely talented and cut out for photography;-)

  2. Oh I imagine those snowflake pictures were super hard to take..... wish it would snow here. But alas it's not. :( Just raining. Like normal AL weather. :(

    1. I like rain just as much, but you do need snow every once in a while to make life exciting ;) So here's me wishing that you will get some snow in AL this winter! ;D