10 December 2013


Heather, this post is for you :) I got permission to put these on the blog just so you could see some more "people pictures" ;)

Lucinda called me up on Sunday and said she needed a picture of her to add to their family's christmas card. So I was more than happy to get outside and get a few shots of her down at her house. She lives in the house that is just down the hill from us, and I have to say I really enjoy having her close. Even though she's older than me and she's my "sister's friend", I claim her as my friend, too. ;)

The number one thing I like about her (beyond her bubbliness, of course!) is that she likes to be active. She has already agreed to go bicycling with me... but then it snowed. 
I know she won't be living here too much longer, so I hope the weather will permit us to get out and do stuff together before she has to go.



  1. really cute pictures...she's an awesome person=D

  2. Ooh I love them!! I think the first one is my favorite. And I can just imagine y'all shivering while taking these photos! LOL I guess it's good she only lives next door so you didn't have to travel somewhere in the snow!

    1. Yeah, I agree the first is my fav... I guess we'll see which one she picks for their card :)
      A little cold, but at least it wasn't snowing at that time! o.O