06 June 2014

A Bath for the Classic

 Last night, I was trying to find my way to someone's house to visit their new little baby and I ended up going on a wrong road that was a deep, mushy mud trail the whole way. I am actually quite surprised I didn't get stuck...  :P My cousin was telling me about how cars end up rusting mostly because of dirt that is never washed out of the wheel wells. So with that in mind, I was like, "There is no way I'm going to let my little mudding expedition make my car rust!" So "washy, washy!"
Not to mention that I hit a bird on the way to work this morning D': It was such a tiny little cute one and it was with another bird on the road, but this one just didn't fly the right way. It was the worst sound ever :( And I probably would have balled my eyes out if I wasn't heading to work. It was that bad. 
So with the decoration from the poor bird on my car, all the normal bug splatters, and the mud caking the bottom... I was ready to purge my baby.
I normally take it to a car wash, but those places always makes me feel so rushed. They're always begging for more quarters before you've even washed off half of the spots. So I did it myself the old fashion way with the hose and a sponge. And I think I like that way better anyway! More quality, personal time with my car. Jk, I'm really not that obsessed! :P


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