30 June 2014

My Favorite Times

I love traveling, and I desire to travel a lot and see quite a few landmarks worldwide... but my absolute favorite thing to do is to go camping. Tent camping preferably, with hiking, canoeing, or biking involved. I really dream to go on a backpacking trip one day.
So really, until the day that I get to travel to other countries or visit all of the states... I am just perfectly happy camping in the beautiful nature that surrounds me!

Starting the trail... and the path Ranelle was walking down right then was the hill we had to climb back up to take our bikes back. There was no way to ride it up or down... and it was the most tiring part! :P

Good thing I have people who pay attention to maps... I just zone off as they try to figure out where we are supposed to go. ;P

Ha! You can see the concentration on my face. :P That face is saying "Take the stupid picture already! Will you!?" (I had my camera on the ground and I was trying to use my remote discreetly to take a picture of myself as I rode by, but of course the remote likes you to aim it right at the camera!)

At the Bench Trail overlook...

That's the way I rode with my camera half of the time. My camera backpack has a place to strap the tripod on it... so I just let my camera set up there when I wasn't using it.

We were so hot and tired at the end that we caved and bought ourself ice cream. The worst part is... I really don't care ;P Maybe I should be more conscious about what I eat, though. Hmm...


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