12 June 2014

Davis {Senior 2014}

I took these well over a month ago, but since he just had his graduation party... surely I'm still not too late to post these ;) 

We went to an old deserted farm out in Kansas for the photos and I could have just stayed there for hours and explored the house and all of the barns. But we were actually already pressed on time as it was. 

Anyway, we had a lot of fun that evening! Hopefully, I will be able to go back one day and just take pictures there.

And on a really, really, really random note... I want to drive my bug down to Silver Dollar City, and I guess just take with me whoever would be willing to cram in my hot car with me. I've been wanting to go to SDC for a while now, and I was thinking about who's car I would go in... but why not mine!? Roll the windows down and sing really obnoxiously and loud the whole way... why not? It would just somehow complete my craving to experience the carefree, retro summer I have idealized in my mind.
Anyone feeling adventurous enough to go with me?
I'm sorry... I warned you that that was really random, didn't I? ;)



  1. Girl, if I was around, I would totally go with you. That would be so AWESOME!! But, alas. :'( I'm not.

    1. That seems to always be our dilemma :/ I wish you could, too!