02 June 2014

In the Field

I have to say... I just love fields! After church last night there was a gorgeous sunset that attracted me to one corner of our church property. There were too many trees and brush on our side of the property to really get a good picture so I wanted to go climb the fence and go to the other field... and things always look better on the other side of the fence anyway, right? ;)
There were two fences I had to climb if I wanted to get in the field, though... so I began contemplating and weighing the odds of me ripping my long red dress if I tried to do it. :P Finally I just (gently) threw my camera bag across both fences, so I would HAVE to climb the fence... no turning back! ;)
It was worth it! And I didn't rip my dress either :)

>>click to the right>>
The first picture is me and "the essentials" aka, my camera bag.
And the second one is just foliage.

Annddd... I just want to share a story about my day at work.
It started this morning as I was on my way to work, I was praying about my job and about how I want God's continued help so I can be successful at work. Then I remembered something from the message at church last night that, in summary, was talking about how we can have joy and peace from God in any situation because of salvation. That geared my prayer more towards saying: "Lord, even if my cash doesn't balance, and I am short of money... still, I can be happy in You!" After I prayed those words, I was like "Wait! No, that means that I could be short today! Like, today, when I'm counting all the money before I leave... my drawer might be off!!" So then it was kind of like, "Well, so be it! I just might not balance today. But as long as You are with me..." 
That was quite a thought for me to wrap my mind around, because in the three weeks I've been there, I've always balanced. And to think that I'm willing for it to happen to me today? Well... D:
I opened with a few other people than the person I normally start the day out working with... and it was really hectic on top of that. And I made a few little blunders and got flustered because someone else was observing me. o.O But I made it through and got all of the transactions figured out! :)
When it came time for me to count my drawer and leave... the head teller said that she would count my drawer today. I was like "Oh, okay". 
Now in my head I was thinking... "Yep, watch this be the day that I don't balance. Because for all they know I could have faked that I balanced these last three weeks. I mean, there is really no way for them to ever know that I'm not lying to cover up my mistakes. That would just make me look really bad to balance every day that I count the drawer and then not balance on the day that someone else counts the drawer." 
I know that they think I'm an honest person, but still, I wondered what they would think if I didn't balance today. :/ But I just sat there and watched her count all my money. Anddd.... I was $10 short. :/ She told me to count my drawer again just to make sure. So I started to... and then they asked me if I had done any currency exchanges, and I had done two. One of them was still waiting to be picked up by the business, so they got it out and started recounting. In a little bit, I heard "yay!" and the manager walked back with two extra rolls of coins that I had accidentally added to the amount.

So, the inevitable happened. And it happened to me today. I was short money. But I am thankful that it happened this way for my first time, and that the money was still there at the bank. As I was driving home thinking about it... I could just feel God close to me. I was like, "You know! The Lord was right there with me all the time. He knew all about it and he knew what I could handle and what would be the best learning experience for me. Because it could have happened in a way that I actually handed out 10 extra dollars to someone, and there would be now way to fix it. But if it happened that way, then it would have only been because God allowed it, and because He knew that it would work for my good overall.
I'm just so thankful for how the Lord blessed me, even in my un-perfect day!



  1. Oh my goodness... In my job interview today they were talking about balancing. That makes me nervous! I'm glad they found the money though!!

    1. Yeah, I know! They tell you about it pretty sternly in the interview. But I've seen several of my coworkers come up short since I've been there. It happens, I guess.