24 August 2015


June 2015

This was on our flight from Kansas City to San Fransisco. The only reason I took this picture is so I would have something to remind me of the guy in front of me who talked non stop! What I don't get, is the lady sitting next to him didn't even try to ignore him, but chatted along about stuff that made absolutely no sense. I don't know how she did it! D:

Heather and Aunt Anita figuring out how to get to the Golden Gate bridge.

On the bus there...

And now I will excitedly show you like 20 pictures of the Golden Gate bridge from 20 different angles!!!!!! Haha! Okay, not quite that many, but if you get bored easily, just scroll fast! ;)

Heather and I spent 10 night and days straight together. We never got the slightest bit annoyed or tired of each other! Love you girl! 



  1. oh goodness. I love all those pictures! Your photography is amazing, MarLeah