27 August 2015

Top 5

This week I've been digging through my archives to find some of my all-time favorite landscape shots to let someone use in one of the church websites. 
I must say it was a very fun journey looking through old photos. :)

I gathered up about 20 landscape shots and sent them in yesterday. And today, right after I was corresponding about those images for the website, I get an email from Digital Photo about a landscape contest. I've tried contests before, and I just feel like there are so many photographers far superior. But this time I was just like "Hey! why not!?" So I quickly picked my favorite 5 from the batch and submitted them to the contest. Painless.

West Siloam Springs, OK  - May 2015

Green Bank, WV - June 2013

Mount Nebo, AR - June 2014

Lincoln City, OR - June 2015

{here's a pic of me that Heather took on my phone of me taking this pic} ;)

Colorado Springs, CO - September 2013

Where to next? :)



  1. Oh WOW. The first and last ones are GORGEOUS! Hope you win! :D

    1. I know it would be cool to win at least ONE contest one day XD
      Thanks, though!

  2. Love them! (especially the Green Bank one;)I also the love the Colorado Springs one!

    1. Lol, yes! I can see why you would be partial to the Green Bank one :)
      And thank you!

  3. The ones from Arizona and Colorado are my favorite! seriously, they're gorgeous.