18 August 2015

Still Thinking About Monark

Two of my favorites! :)

Some of the young people... I say "some" because I still remember us calling for a certain individual to join us in the picture!

The Ministers

This shopping trip happened Monday. I had the day off from work, and all of us girls planned to make homemade pizza that day. We had an amazing time in town... starting off at Longhorn Steakhouse (the waiter liked us so much he gave us free dessert)! Then we got all the supplies at Sams and piled back in Christy's truck with half of the groceries piled on top of our laps.

*insert iPhone pic here* ;)

Pizza!! Yay! (It honestly was really good! Thanks to Christy's pizza dough recipe)

And then it stormed super hard that day leaving limbs everywhere. (And leaving me drenched from head to toe because I had left my car windows and I had to dash to the back of the campgrounds to roll them up.) This picture was taken when our grounds keeper was cleaning up the limbs with some boys and the supervision of his adorable grandson. :)

I've been really wanting some change in my life lately, and it looks like it's about to happen in about 40 minutes....... maybe! :P I have an interview this morning for the same bank, but different location. An opening came up at CBT in my hometown, so I applied for it and I'm trusting that I'll get it. If I don't, at least I know that I have tried, because I've been really wanting to get a transfer to this location for a long time. Not only will it mean that my work is within 5 minutes walking distance, but I will work earlier hours, and work less Saturdays! You can't lose there! :D


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