04 August 2015


The little bit of traveling I have done this summer was great... But...
I think I've finally learned to be content in my daily life. 
Last night I was listing off all of the things coming up that I'm supposed to do with people and camp meetings to go to -- on top of our family vacations already planned. I was kind of like, "I don't know, Momma, that's a lot of going and doing. I don't want my life to be so busy that I'm never home with a little quite time."
That's a break-through statement for me, because I've always felt the need to be out on some new adventure. High school and college had me all pent up, dreaming of some big backpacking trip in Yosemite. I was constantly on Pinterest, drooling over pictures of kayaking, sky diving, and all the craziest overseas trips. There's nothing wrong with doing any of those things occasionally, but in my dreams I was hoping to be doing something ALL THE TIME. 
But now, at this point in my life, I've realized that I have so many things planned, and they really don't give me the fulfillment in life. I've even surrendered my dream to travel overseas this year. When the right time comes, it will happen, but I don't need to go out of the country this year, next year, and every year to follow to live a happy, contented life.
I'm also realizing that money doesn't save itself! :P And traveling constantly doesn't always keep the savings so high, unfortunately.

Before I get to the pictures, though, I have a disclaimer...
These pictures are practically only of me and my friends. I didn't necessarily branch out and take DSLR shots of everyone at Oregon. Lol! However, I was using my GoPro a TON during the whole trip, so when I get around to making a video, it will be a little more all-inclusive :)

Heather, Katelyn, and I took a little walk up a nearby road from the Jefferson, OR camp meeting one afternoon to snap a few shots with the aid of tripod and remote. :)

So this is practically my goal to get shots like this with my friends when three or more of us are together... but it normally ends up with them getting anxiously tired of me fixing everything to make it look as perfect as possible. But we survived a pretty good session of it this time I would say! :) 

The Oregon coast was a lot different than I ever would have expected. They told me it would be cold, but it really wasn't that cold. And it was a lot more beautiful than what I thought it would be (for being a cold coast) :)

This is one of my favorite shots! Love you, Karissa and Kate!

Heather and I were practically together non-stop on this trip and never got annoyed or tired of each others' company. Hmm... I guess we're maturing a little ;)

Mecia, Katelyn, MarLeah, Kelsey, Heather = our little hashtag we use for Instagram (#mkmkh)
Mecia, unfortunately was missing from our little group on this trip, but we wrote the hashtag out in the sand anyway :)

A little side note... I {finally} learned how to do a cartwheel this summer! You don't know how I've always yearned to be part of the cool club people who could just pull off a cartwheel anywhere and everywhere they wanted to. :D So excited! :P

Kelsey's vehicle finally decided to show up at the beach! So here's our almost complete #mkmkh group!

Someone was riding a bike on the beach, and I hadn't ever stopped to think about how you would have to have a really thick tire like they did to be able to ride on the beach. Learn something new every day, I guess :) A beach bike... :) I like that :D

**so proud of myself for blogging once again within a weeks' time! ;)



  1. So cute! And I really want to go back to our Atlantic coast again!

    1. Yes, and I like how you say "our" Atlantic coast :) I guess it is ours, or any US Citizens' for that matter :D