15 August 2015

Nature's Gardens

Tuesday turned out to be a very unhappy day for me. Not because of any one persons' fault but mine. I was allowing my mind to brood over some things (some being my desire to travel, need for change, etc.), and I just let the circumstances that brought about those feelings rule my day. After work I really just wanted to go somewhere in solitude. I tried one park, but it turned out that a weird guy thought he would come up to my car, asking about what year it was, if it was made of metal, and proceeded to thump on my car to see if it was. So, I promptly left, drove to Diamond and began looking for the sign I had seen earlier for the Diamond Grove Prarie. 
I finally found it and had to circle back around to it (my brakes had just gone out that day — yeah, just really not my day). :P

But, the events of the day wasn't nothing that a little walk in the Prarie and a little talk with God couldn't solve. 

You can't see this at all, but off in the distance there was someone out there doing hay... Ah, such a peaceful evening in the country!

All happy after spending some time outside, even if I did almost step on a dead snake and do a flailing-arms-dance coupled with a few squeals D:

This last picture is actually from Wednesday. I set out after work to find another conservation area that I haven't been to in a few years. I still didn't find the same exact place before I had to go to church. So I'll be back to look for that place again! ;D