26 August 2015


This is one post that I had previously just given up to, "Oh I'll just never post those..."
But Alyssa asked for these pictures the other day, so I finished editing them all the way. (Actually completely re-edited them, because I hadn't even saved my earlier edits... which was probably a good thing, because I was able to start fresh)

These were taken at the Coleman Theater in Miami, Ok. It's an old theater that they are restoring and it's open for tours. I brought along my external flash and had a lot of fun placing that thing around anywhere and everywhere.

I actually had a lot of fun editing these today... I'm home right now, taking a sick day because I can hardly talk, my head feels like it's about to explode and my throat feels as rough as sandpaper.
This is actually my first day to ever take a sick day... thankfully my managers/coworkers are super understanding. And... thankfully it's hump-day; things are always slow at the bank on hump-day.

I think this one is my favorite edit... but I couldn't necessarily pick on earlier, so here are three edits.

I feel like I could have totally taken these pics on film instead of digital :)

I sincerely hope I get to feeling better,


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