07 June 2013

A Ride in the Country

My summer has just been perfect so far... everything I dreamed and imagined it would be.
The best thing about summer is the freedom I have to be outdoors. The other day I took a bike ride in the country, and the smells of the fresh woods and wild flowers was indescribable!

There is just something about gazing into the depths of woods that can never be captured.

Yes, we have Buffalo in Missouri... :)

I found this little turtle on the road, and since no one was around I decided to lay down on the road and take a picture of it... not smart! It was alright in the fact that I could see cars coming and I could move out of the road in time, but I didn't think about a car appearing out of a road nearby. They were heading the other direction, so it was okay, but when I looked up they put on their reverse lights and were obviously going to see if there was really a person (or dead person!) laying in the road. So I scrambled up, grabbed the turtle, and tried to make it look like I was just rescuing a turtle. Ahhh... Thankfully, they didn't pursue an explanation and continued on their way. 


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