30 June 2013

Blueberry Picking

It's just another thing we do in the summer... pick blueberries. :)

I knew I had to bring my camera along since we were going to be out there
during the perfect morning light.  

Half-way through I found this spider and his perfect little web, so I deserted my bucket of blueberries and spent quite a bit of time right up in his personal bubble to get some pictures.

Here's a little closer shot - as close as I dared to get. I'm really not a fan of spiders too much. I am just mostly fascinated by their intricate webs.

Eh... the spider apparently found his lunch.

And my sad bucket of blueberries. I was the slowest picker, but then again... I think I always have been. :P



  1. You're good sis. Really good. -Marty

  2. Oh my goodness I think I would de if I was flipping though my computer and saw close-up pics of a SPIDER!! Ahh!! The pictures are really good though! Did you use your Lensbaby? Well is that even a question anymore? LOL

    1. I know what you mean... I'm that way about snakes! If someone posts a pic of a snake on fb I have to scroll past really quick then sneak back up there so I can hide the post really quick, lol. I hate them!
      Yep, the Lensbaby with the macro convertors for most of the spider shots.
      No, haha, it really isn't even a question anymore. I only use my 18-55mm if I need to get a wider angle.