27 June 2013


Oh.my! I have so many pictures to post! I've been traveling and well, traveling some more.

My goal is to just post some of what I feel like sharing each day, which means that the order of the time they were taken will be greatly mixed up, but I'll try to include a date for people who enjoy chronologial order like me. :P

I also just got the photoshop free trial on my macbook so I don't have to deal with pokey computers anymore... except to grab a few pictures off of them. Ahhh... I feel blessed! :P

The following pictures are from an evening in Murfreesboro, Tennesse on our way to Alabama from West Virginia.

June, 20th

I was so happy to have Amy along with us for many more reasons than one... the obvious is that she is just plain fun. :) But, the cool thing is that she was willing for me to take pictures of her at absolutely anytime!

And I debated about posting this last picture because it is pretty bad quality due to low evening light... but I just like it of her... so, oh.well. what does it matter when I resize all of the pictures on the blog anyway! :/