06 June 2013

Blog Makeover

Yay, for a new background, pages, buttons, banner! Coming up! :)

This is what I've wanted to do ever since I started the blog...
So excuse the hiccups until it's done.

The only thing is... my mom ran off to Ohio with the laptop I normally
use, so I don't have hardly any of my pictures to include in the banner.

Yeah, I really need to buy my own laptop that people can't just
take with them if they decided they want it! Does anyone have any
suggestions of what I should get? I know what I want, but I don't know
if I'm willing to spend the money.

-MarLeah Joy

P.S. here's a preview


  1. Okay. Now I understand why you said that it would take a while before you changed the design, ha. It looks awesome so far! (Even if it's just the header :) I mostly use built in themes from WordPress which definitely isn't as time comsuming as dragging it in to photoshop haha. Looking forward to seeing the final product!
    As far as laptops go, which happens to be an interesting topic for me ;D did you have a certain model in mind? Or just in specs/budget? Because I like researching/comparing different ones. Yeah I know. Nerd.

    1. Thanks! I might have to go ahead and change blog hosts now though, because I don't think I can add interactive buttons in blogger.
      Yeah, I think it would only be smart to get a MacBook, but I don't know if there would be so many more advantages with the Pro over the Air that I should wait and buy it when I can do a tax write-off. :) I also know that the Pro is obviously more in the "business" ballpark, but I think I would be fine with the Air if it had retina display...
      Not a weird nerdy, though! ;)

    2. You know I'd tell you the Macbook Air! I love mine! It's soooo fast! :) I still don't know the differences between the Pro and the Air. All I know is the Air does perfectly what I want it to. :)

    3. Well, I just got a MacBook Pro... so I guess you can see it when I'm down your way for the wedding. :D
      BTW - I like your profile pic ;)