10 June 2013

Tent Camping

I went with my cousin on a little camping trip to capture this star trail. 

While we were out in the field getting set up for this picture, I looked to the East and
saw a blazing blue and yellow meteorite. It was so huge and close that I had the chills for a solid minute!
It's amazing how much more you can see when you are in prairie land. I loved it!

A few clouds got into the frame towards the end of the time I was shooting, so I created a quick
video of the movement of the clouds. :)

In the morning I started a little fire to cook breakfast (my first one to ever start :P).

We completely forgot utensils and plates so we used branches and elephant ear leaves. I'm secretly glad we
forgot them so I could have more of a "roughing-it" experience. ;)

It was such a relaxing spur-of-the-moment camping adventure.
I'm ready to do it again. :)


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