30 June 2013


I'm so frustrated and I don't know what to do!

It's about facebook quality for images.

I look at other photographers' images and the quality looks great!
But, mine stink! And it really shows up with my watermark for some reason.

I've tried everything: No resizing, some resizing, resizing and saving process recommended here, and tons of private test posts to see if the quality will be good enough before I actually post it.

If anybody has some recommendations/advice... please let me know.



  1. Isn't there an option to post pictures in HD or SD when you upload them? IDK.

    1. I think I maybe found the solution. Facebook actually has some info about it in their help pages that I ran across. They say to resize to 2048 px for the long side of the picture then choose "High Quality" when uploading.
      I'll keep trying it that way and see if it improves.