28 June 2013

Editing Then and Now

Abbey recently asked me to put her Senior pictures on Facebook... that is all fine and good until I go back to get the files and I didn't save my edits in photoshop files only JPEG. I like to post to fb with PNG so I have to refer back to the photoshop file and then save again in the right format.

Anyway, so I'm not overly impressed with the pictures I took from that session anyway, but after I started to completely re-edit a few pictures, I realized how "yuck!" some of my previous edits to the coloring were compared to what I would do now.  Yeah, wow, I didn't realize I would change so much in a few short months... 

The left picture is SOOC (Straight out of the Camera) and the right is today's edit...

Below is my edit from a few months ago.


Yeah... the coloring looks just as bad as it did SOOC :P
It looks like it came from a different era or something.

I can only hope that I keep improving faster and faster
because this stage is kind of embarrassing :/

And, I'm even being vulnerable by posting this because
someone out there might actually think that the image
SOOC looks better than my edit.


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