06 April 2013

Aching for Summer

I really wish I was an expressive writer and could share my feelings like
some poets can. If I could, you would be so overwhelmed
with a longing for summer, because I'm having so many sweet memories
of warm nights and get-togethers with those I love most!


I like our other cat's personality better, but you really can't beat her "modeling".


Hehe -- look at her eyes. She's a goof!


By just being outside -- feeling this almost-summer weather -- my heart seriously
began to ache for more of those things that are associated with summer. Volleyball,
tennis, camping, traveling, freedom, gardening (yes, gardening -- no matter how much
I dislike it some days), Monark!, workdays, sleeping outside, etc., etc.
*But... just so that you know that I'm not always "looking for tomorrow" and not
enjoying today... I had a really great day today :)
Life is so good! :)


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