15 April 2013

Tying It Up

These are the last of Abbey's Senior Pictures. Edited at 5am this morning, ha!
That's why I found a random brush stroke on one of the pictures later today.
(It was actually more than a random brush stroke -- it looked like a child was
decorating the picture in paint, haha :D)

See the rest in this post.





  1. Oh I don't want these to be the end!! :( I really love the third pic... the one of the red chair by the road. I like the posing in that one! And the one in the road is so cute too. I'm sure that was interesting trying not to get ran over! :) I'm sure all of these look awesome printed out!! Sometime you'll have to do a shoot of me! Haha. Like we ever have actual time when we're together...

    1. I'm sure we can make time; that sounds fun!