21 April 2013

Oil Paint Filter

When I have a long weekend break from school, I always have way too many ideas
about what I could do. Then you add all of the homework on top of the ambitions... 
and the time just flies by and I find myself back in an old desk in Pre-Calculus trying
 to take a nap.

Needless to say, some of my ambitions this weekend included making a few videos.
So, to maximize a little time -- and to motivate me to get my homework done -- I 
videoed myself working on an art project.

This was the set up for the video. I'm happy with my new tripod.
I decided to wait on purchasing a professional one, but this one is at
least a step-up from my last one. Besides looking a little classier, it is
taller and the head swivels smoother (and, it is not melted state like my 
last one that got a little overheated from a ride in the floorboard of my
car, haha).

I edited in Photoshop CS6; I compressed it from 10 minutes, added the
Oil Paint filter (that I saw and loved in an example in this video), and
added contrast.
To see the full oil paint effect, watch on youtube at higher quality.

This is the color weave project I was/am working on. I drew a cat
with a tangled ball of yarn and a fish bowl, with a wall-paper
design over it all.
I feel like an old cat lady or something... I can't say I love
all cats, but I absolutely adore the two cats we have right
now! Confession: I walk around the house cooing making
affectionate sounds to the cats and telling them how much
I love them. :D

Hey, hey! Countdown to graduation!


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