04 April 2013

Recap: 5865!

According to the file names on all of my pictures,  I have taken 5865 pictures
since I got my camera. Um, wow!
So, here is an overview of what I have taken.


This was the very first picture I took. I only had my lensbaby at the time (the kit
lens arrived a little later) so this was taken with the Double Glass optic that was
already installed into the Composer Pro lens.


We've had some snow....


...and yet flourishing green grass in the same month.


...a little group singing at young people's meeting at church.


I volunteered at the Neosho Sprint Triathlon for some experience in another area of


And one of the major highlights: first senior session. I don't have words to say how
much fun it was. She was so great to work with!


To be honest I wasn't going to post today... but then I couldn't bear the thought of

breaking the post-a-day "rule". I've been on a roll, and I'm afraid if I start becoming
lax, I'll start a down-hill trend. :P

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  1. I love the senior picture the best too!! :) :) I want to see the rest of the shoot!