24 April 2013

Ordering My Sr. Pics

I've come to one conclusion: I might as well give up on sleep until 
school is over. There has to be a billion and one things going on
right up to the day of my graduation.
Lately, it's been taking, editing, and ordering my senior pictures.

I just finished placing the order, though -- with Meridian Pro, of course. :P

This is their program that you download after becoming a customer.
Everything is super user-friendly.

Who else wouldn't want to get 178 professional wallets for $38?
(around 1/3 the cost of other professional printing services that also
make lab color corrections)



  1. I love Meridian Pro!! I got the rights to my photos from my photographer so I just printed mine there too!! I like the fact that I can go back and print more if I need to!

    1. Yeah :) and I really like your picture you sent with your announcements!

    2. Thanks! I think I sent you my fave. I loved the editing she did to them! :)