28 April 2013

Amazing Day

I had one of the best Sundays. First of all, my cousin's baby turned 1, so
we had a party for her (she is an absolute doll... you will understand
when I post the other pictures).
Then the young people that were there played ultimate frisbee (the
best game ever, in my opinion).
After church, we all bombarded Braum's, which was already over-flowing
with people. So we walked to a nearby park to eat our ice cream, and we
ended up playing hide and seek tag. :D

So, if someone needs their days livened up, move to good old Southwest Mo for the summer. :)

I know this blog is not to just tell you about my life; but, this give you
an idea of the pictures I will be posting later this week. :)

{And I'm kinda proud of myself... this picture was taken with my lensbaby
edge80 lens and completely unedited :D}

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