22 April 2013

Photoshop Magic

At the present moment... I am just setting back, watching Photoshop do it's thing.
It gives me a pretty good feeling to use batch edits, especially when I have over 100 pictures to edit.

First, I created an action that added auto contrast to the images (that's all I am needing for this situation), then saved them as a jpeg, and then closed them. So, all I have to do is select the folder I want to get the images from, select the folder I want to save them in and press "ok". Wha-lah!

Actually, this Batch edit is such a blessing because it is solving my procrastination. :D I've had some pictures from the Neosho Sprint Triathlon that I really needed to get edited, put on a CD, and sent to the organization. If I would have thought to do this earlier, I could have been done the day I took the pictures. :P  But, that's what the learning process is all about!

So... I will be putting another batch of pictures through a "watermarking" and "re-sizing" action so that I can make an official post of my favorite pictures from the Triathlon. :)


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