02 August 2014

A New Couch to Sleep On

You will never do anything different from what you would normally do or have normally done until you have a few curve balls thrown at you. Let me tell you, my life has been pretty interesting this last year. I've done a lot of things I would have never expected. 
Today's adventures started with a drive to Springfield in my '69 beetle. Then boom. I heard a sound, felt a thump, and saw the tread of my tire flying around the road behind me in my rear view mirror.
My family was following me, so we got a spare on... no problem. I drove on into Springfield and parked the car so I could have it for a photo session I was doing in the evening there. Then we went on to Branson to kayak. When I was back in Springfield and we were driving out to the location for the shoot, I felt it thumping and bumping along, so I pulled over and hopped in the car with them. Long story short... I'm staying the night and resting my head on a new couch. A comfy couch. :) With a hospitable family from church. 
Some times it's easy to get riled over things like this that go wrong, but I want to take it with grace and just be thankful that I was close to precious people in town that I am comfortable staying with. And I'll be thankful for the opportunity to do something different and just have more experiences in life.

I was going to post pictures from yesterday's day on the lake... but it appears they are on my hard drive at home. Eh. So it's a picture-less post.


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