17 August 2014

The Wrap

This is the last installment of the Marsh family for baby James' first birthday session :)
I'm trying to get everything finished up before school starts! D:

So far, I've done more decorating to my room, made several DVDs (for someone who pays me to put their pics and videos into dvd format), took the pictures for my "about me" page, sewed a skirt, finished editing this photo session, put good use to the weed eater ;), and completely re-made my spreadsheet of my financial goals/plans because the original got deleted somehow? D': 
Can't you tell I'm feeling pretty productive this week? ;)

That's about the wrap of my checklist. Here I come semester number three with 5 online classes, work, a wedding to shoot, and several family sessions! I can do this! D: maybe!

I love his little content smile there :)

Cake time!

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this session. It was so awesome to get to use her 50mm 1.2! Fingers crossed that I will like the 35mm just as well!



  1. YES!! You can do this!! :) :)

    And I totally love these photos too. I still don't know the significance of the lens but hopefully my photography class will help me with that? ;P Who knows...

    1. Boy! I hope so! o.O

      Well, the prime lenses just have high quality glass and typically a larger aperture for beautiful bokeh ;)