17 August 2014


I'm a girl made for nature, or maybe nature was made for me.
I'm not sure. 
But the best day in my books is one spent in the uninhabited places of this world.

Ranelle agreed to go with me to the bicentennial today so I could get some pictures of myself for a blog update I need to do soon. I need an "about me" page so bad! I've never done it on this blog, so I am determined that before I get a new blog going that I WILL form an about me page! Motivation ;)

Needless to say, I'm going to post some from our hike. 

Well, Ranelle's essentials that is. 

The little Brownie camera strap broke off :/ Dr. Camera Woman to the rescue.
I really do look like a doctor there, don't I? With the glasses and the bag? Okay, maybe not.

I'm really not sure what I was doing in the picture of me holding the camera. Whistling? But hey, why not? :P Oh! and the bag is from Columbia... a souvenir from my dear friend, Amy Leyva. I happen to love it a lot!

The other one is just a little footsie picture on the path. It's the most natural perspective to the human eye because that's what we see as we are walking. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture like that of yourself, though?! It's about as hard as one I took of myself on a bike the other day. Or maybe the bike one was harder because the weight of the camera on a 5 foot extended tripod is super hard to balance while slowing a bike down. *tumble, tumble.... crash*

Tomorrow I will be enjoying my last day before school starts and then I'll just have to roll with a crazy, hectic life. ... still trying to still do all the things I love.



  1. That camera!! I love it! I actually bought me a new vintage camera yesterday. It's a Polaroid! And it actually works! I just have to buy film for it. Which is $25... :/ Anyway! Love these photos! And your bag... Too cool! Authentic. I like it. :)

    1. Aw, I've always thought it would be fun to tinker around with old ones that actually worked and took pictures... Too bad it's so expensive though :/
      Yeah, I love it too! :)