04 August 2014

Let's Go Fast

I've always dreamed of owning a little SeaDoo or some kind of jet ski. Problem was: I hadn't even ridden on one. My persistence of bringing up the subject (and pointing out every one I ever saw) finally took toll on our family and we planned to rent two on Friday and have an afternoon on the lake.
My dad was very reserved and hesitant about the whole thing and almost called it off on the day we were supposed to go. Thankfully, we decided to at least try it once, though! 
We all found out that there is really not much to fear when you are riding them. And soon we were going full throttle around the lake.

And of course, I packed my camera along in bag on my back and four ziploc bags incase we tipped. :P But I pulled it out while we were riding and took pictures along the way.

My parents... when they were being a little more cautious about the whole thing. Later, my dad had it really going and he was leaning forward to get the least amount of resistance ;)

We stopped and got out to swim for a bit.
Then I switched Ranelle spots and she got to see what it felt like to not be in control of the thing. ;) 
Haha, I got a few screams out of her :)

Daddy took the last few right before we took them back to the dock. 
It was a happy, happy time :)


P.s. In regards to the topic of my last post... I finally made it home from Springfield at 1am this morning with my car. I had a great time in Springfield, though, and I took a hike with the Doolittle family and got to shoot a lot of wildlife :)

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