29 August 2014

This August Week

Well, hello there! What a hectic week. It feels like it's been a month! I've worked nearly 40 hours, tried to edit photos from the session last friday, completed the coursework for 5 online classes this week, and I'm still half-way sane. This evening after coming home from a busy day at work, though, I might have blown a little and pounded on the stairs with my fists when after realizing my lens rental wasn't waiting for me. I know, very carnal, MarLeah... I'm working on that issue. Okay, and maybe I yelled in frustration a little, too, but no one was home... 
On my way to the wedding rehearsal I just had to stop and pick up the rentals at the shipping location. It's so nice to be working with the 6D and the 70-200mm f/2.8 again. 
Now I'm trying to gain some sanity and finish editing some photos. I've always wanted to make a stake-out at Starbucks and edit. It's just so perfect. So I was really going in to town for something else, but I impulsively swung in and got a chia spiced latte and set up camp.

Hopefully, I'll make some time to hop on here again after the wedding and post a few


  1. And you took a picture. LOL Didn't know your other wedding was already here! Ahh! Crazy to think that August is almost over. Anyways, can't wait to see pics of the wedding! I'm sure they're amazing! :)

    1. Yes! I took a picture! What a record for the week! Lol
      Yeah, pray for me... I'm not getting much sleep :P