13 August 2014

Happy, Happy

First of all, I've been singing the song all this week... "You make me happy..."

Second: I know I'm showing sure signs of a photo geek when I'm excited to buy another external hard drive. I finished off 1 terabyte in less than a year, now here we go again. :)
Actually, I was backing up these photos of James' first birth date session when it gave me the notice that it was getting over-stuffed. So off to Target I went to snag up their special on hard drives this week. And who do I run into but my very own best friend? Extra bonus! 

And third: There's just a lot of big smiles and laughter in the photos below. I have to give Sannetta kudos for dealing with all the stress and organization of a planned shoot and then being a happy, smiley mom for the photos on top of it all! :) It's just hard to not literally smile when I'm editing these photos.



  1. Just saying. These are the cutest photos ever. ;)

  2. Wow!! you have major talent lady!! these family photos are stunning!! :)