12 August 2014


Okay, I'm supposed to be a blogger, photographer, teller, student, cook, housecleaner, and launderer. On top of staying fit, spiritual, clean (um, that one is a little weird, but I know some people do indeed neglect cleanliness... trust me, I see them all, every day), and eat healthy. 
Well, I was realizing that I need to balance it all a little better and be a little more temperate with my time.
I have a personality that just wants to get the task completely done and out of the way and move on to something else. Yet I find out every time that doing that throws off the whole equilibrium. 
Right now, I want to have all of the photos of little James done and edited for a complete blog post. But today, I decided to clean the house, do laundry, exercise, spend time reading and praying, and go to work (of course) so I have a short little post. It bugs me doing it this way. But it also bugs me to not blog for a week. So, here we go!


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