05 August 2014


Thinking back on this day... it was a little hectic with a blown tire, lots of driving, kayaking and a session in the evening. But, you know, I've learned that life is beautiful. And particularly on this day, I learned to just be happy for experiences. That's been my thing as of late. I'm in love with experiences of all types. 

Drew was the all-in-one: cowboy, fisherman, and kayaker ;)

Kayaking was slow compared to the little speedy jet skis we were on the day before. I think we were all really wanting to be on a fast flowing river where you had to dodge rocks and fun stuff. :) Due to my blow out, though, we weren't able to make it down to Buffalo River, so we stopped at White River -- there's a big difference between how fast the two flow. But we played tag with out kayaks which kept it quite up beat at times ;)

Some old gear laying on a dock

There's Ranelle down yonder :) That was while Drew, Darren and I parked our kayaks on the shore and climbed the waterfall just to see where it came from :)

This is a little peek of what the session looked like on Saturday. 
It was sweet baby James' first birthday. :)
So you can imagine there was a little cake smashing involved.


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