17 August 2013

Before/After Lightroom

quick, quick post here before I head out to meet up with some friends....

I've been editing some pictures from camp at Myrtle (I should post them soon, I've just got to leave now... :) )  and I ran across a picture I just snapped without adjusting any settings.

I had been told so many times by so many people that when you shoot in raw and edit in Lightroom you can restore so much to a picture.

Well, now I've seen it and believed it.
And I love it.
Thank you, Lightroom!
That's all.


  1. Awesome! Glad you're liking it, I knew you would! :D

    1. Yes, it's very nice and a whole lot faster to use! Except one problem: can it clone from one picture to another? I almost have a family session done editing... I just lack two pictures that I need to swap faces in, and BOTH laptops JUST went down (in the same day, fancy that!) that have Photoshop loaded on them. Crazy! and so I don't know how to do it now... Do you know if Lr does that?

    2. Wow yeah that's pretty crazy.. *cough* windows *cough* ;) But as for cloning, I don't know of anyway to do that, Lr has cloning but only on a single image at a time, at least as far as I know. That's all too complicated for us photoshop newbs that only stick to Lightroom ;P