19 August 2013

Grand Gulf State Park

      So this was the last day I was at camp...
most of the people had already left to go home,
so the left-over young people went back to the 
state park again.                                 

It was an amazing little walk along the water bed.
Jumping from stone to stone... :)

And there's my sister at the look-out. Wayyyy up there!

Ahh... nature is wonderful!

By this time my lens was fogging up so bad, 
but I still think it looks kinda cool.

And this was the cave that some walked through
just the day before. Hopefully, I'll get to go through
it in coming years when it's not filled to it's brim.



  1. I really like the photos! It looks nicer than the ones I got that rainy/overcast day the first time we went. The fog looks cool, it makes it look like you had some sort of filter, or if it were actual fog

    1. Thanks :) Yeah, it's this new thing called a humidity filter... it only works after you have been outdoors for maybe an hour or two ;)