09 August 2013


This girl is full of life.

She's a senior this year and she will be working herself
hard with her tough schedule: AP Calculus, Anatomy and Physiology,
Physics, AP Physiology, etc. 

I couldn't do it but, you go girl!

She came and visited me at Monark one day, and it happened
to be the day that I was taking portraits of a family, so she tagged along
and I got a few of her after their session.

We went to a lot of band competitions together. And naturally
we were always together since we were both in the low brass
section. She plays the tuba, believe it or not, and is really good, too!

And she only slightly embarrassed me with all the guys
she would meet and become friends with, haha. ;)

This was always her outlook on life...
Laugh loud and dance often! :)

This was my first time to use Lightroom. At first I was like, "Nooo! I want Photoshop back."
But I began to find that Lightroom is quite a bit better for what I'm 
doing (for instance: resizing photos, so much easier).
There are a few more things that I feel like I'm missing, but I'm sure I'll soon
learn Lightroom's way of doing what I did in Photoshop.


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