18 August 2013

Myrtle Camp

I didn't really take too many pictures during the camp.
Actually, I am quite sure that others took more pictures on my camera than I did ;)

I would include some of those that others took,
but since they mostly consist of pictures of me with my
eyes crossed or my tongue sticking out... we'll just leave
those pictures alone. Maybe, my kids will find them
when they want to browse through my "old" pictures --
that should give them a good laugh! Haha

It rained off and on the whole time.
I guess that has happened most of this 
summer anyway, so nothing different there.

These little guys were quite serious about their horseshoe game.
I think I could be just as amazing at horseshoes if I pitched
two feet away from the stake, too... ;)

I had my extra lens sitting around and my cousin picked it up to look at it and 
wha-la! there's a mini version of him hanging upside-down. 

This is from Grand Gulf State Park.
It's a pretty cool place, and you can hike 
around down there as long as it's dry... 
and you can even go down through the natural 
bridge or cave and come out in another gulf.

Sad to say, I got stuck up in another area taking pictures of these little 'shrooms and missed my chance to actually go through the natural bridge. I only brought my 50mm lens so I used this little method to turn it into a macro lens. It was pretty damp out that day, so I actually risked quite a bit by detaching my lens to make it macro... and it kind of gave me a scare later because the auto focus wouldn't work on the lens later o.O But now it's all okay! :)

And then, of course the picture I just posted about recovering. 

She's so pretty.
And her nickname is Amazing-Amy!
So that pretty much sums her all up :)

The next day a few of us went back to the state park and 
followed the water bed to where we could view the entrance to the cave
or natural bridge, but it was filled up with at least 15 ft of water. It was crazy that 
one day you could walk through it and the next (after the accumulation of 
the rainfall) you couldn't have even floated through it. Anyone want to go 
scuba-diving in some muddy water??

 Anyway, it was a beautiful little walk and I have some more 
pictures to share of that day later. :)


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