13 August 2013

Cookie Dough Fudge {Food Photography}

This recipe was a pinterest find from here.

Most of the time I'm more excited about taking pictures of the
food than eating it... and sad to say, I don't really like the way this fudge tastes.
It definitely tastes like it's supposed to, it's just not what I like. 
Give me peanut butter melt-in-your-mouth fudge any day over this stuff, haha.
So that's why I'm not going to share the recipe, just pictures ;)

Multi-tasking: Combining the cooking step with the
"take pictures" step, resulting in a head-less selfie ;)

And then.... comes the trouble!

Completely dumped all the sugar
out on the floor {don't ask how it happened}.

And this was just the start of
many, many tragedies.
{maybe that's why I don't like the 
way it tastes, hmmm...?
I had to modify the recipe
several times}

I was doing this in my room, by the way, because it was late at night and it was easier
to get better lighting.

I'm always playing eye spy to get some props for photography.
Then I find something awesome: like this scale from the basement {just how cool is it?}
Then I have to rack my brain to make it work: like I had to think of some sort of 
tray to substitute as a weighing boat and something to connect the two.

And, wheeee! This post was supposed to be published long ago, but I've been trying to do
some experimenting on Lightroom, so I have to watch tutorials... and read :( and that just hurts
my poor brain way too much. ;P



  1. That scale is AWESOME!! What a cool vintage prop! I would love that to take pictures of my cards and other things I make! :P I can just imagine how it was trying to get everything to turn out right AND take pictures at the same time... Wow...

    1. ...and that's why it DOESN'T always turn out right, haha. :P

  2. nice! Rissa on the other hand loves food WAY more. I could almost taste it just looking at it!! looks really good, although sometimes looks are deceiving!:)

    1. You can try it and judge for yourself... we still have it in the fridge, haha. :)