27 August 2013


I really have no title for this post.
I could come up with some sort of cute name for
this type of random post, but it should really
be called something like Therapeutical Editing and Sharing ;)
But yeah... that would be an awkward title :)

I just had one of those off days at college yesterday.
Nothing really went wrong, but it was just a "bleh" kind 
of day. So I came home and took pictures and edited. :)

Top to Bottom:
West Virginia Farm
A little guy from a family session
Yummy stuff from a bakery from our senior trip 

My dad and dog, on their daily walk downtown [normally to the barbershop to visit :)]
Those little mini-strawberries (weeds) that we would "eat" when we played "house" as little kids ;)

A little birdie I took silhouettes of.
These were the ones I took last night...
up in the attic of our garage.

I was really wanting a silhouette of my car, so I stopped on the way home and tried 
to get one, but the sun had already set, so there wasn't enough light left.

-MarLeahJoy :)

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