21 August 2013

Starting College {Personal}

I am absolutely in love with college... which is amazing, because I was really hesitant to even go to college. I did not want to be stuck with anymore homework. But I think my brain is already kicking in and ready for a challenge after being on break for so long.
When I was in my accounting class Monday evening, I started to freak out a little when the instructor was already talking about assets, liabilities, credit, debit. But then I was like, "Wait, I know what he's talking about...." So I think that will be my most challenging class, but I'm kind of excited to learn, what my instructor calls, "the language of business".

I love my schedule so much because it allows me to have all the morning to myself, and that's what I always hated about going to high school, I had to leave my cozy room so early in the morning.
And I love having my window open to hear the birds and let the beautiful soft sunlight reflect off my floor. I think it's so pretty, I even took a picture for you. ;P

During those 3-4 hours before I go to school, I include a run with our dog who is terribly annoying to run with. Here's a story to illustrate:
Yesterday, I was running along and all of a sudden he just stepped right in front of me and stopped with his body turned, so I t-boned him and stepped on him, and stumbled all around. On top of that I was running down a hill... it's a wonder I didn't flip right over the dog onto my face! :P That would have been interesting to see a video of. lol.

This morning before my run, I remembered something on pinterest, and I was inspired to try to replicate it of myself running.... Ummm... It didn't quite turn out like I expected, but I got another idea from it. So I guess that's okay.

I made it from three pictures I cloned together in Lightroom. I had to take a few loop holes to get that done... like combining the pictures first into one picture, clone, and then crop back to just one picture.
And it is by no means a perfect clone because I didn't even zoom in when I cloned it... it was just a quickie... just for fun :)

and... that's how I did it in a few minutes during my break between classes.

One more class today and that concludes my classes for this week. [Did I mention I love my schedule, lol, I've told about everyone that asks me about college that I'm so excited about my schedule :) At least I'm not griping ;)]


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