25 August 2013

Steven and Ashley {Wedding}

This is my cousin's wedding that I attended back in June.
I was all excited to just take some pictures as a guest, until I arrive
at the wedding. Turn on my camera. And it doesn't turn on. 
Yep, no battery. It was happily plugged into the wall.
I, on the other hand, about had a melt-down.
Okay, not really. But I was pretty disappointed.

One of my sweet cousins (yes, I know I have waayyy too 
many cousins) ;) heard about it, and she gave me 
her camera to use for the day. Thank you so much!
So I attached my Lensbaby and shot away.

There's more to the story:
I didn't have a way to get the pictures from her camera
that day, so we arranged to get them during our national
camp meeting. So, they just got dumped on my computer at
the most busy time, and I really had no intentions of even editing them
or doing anything with them. (horrible, right!?)

I made another purchase. (If I don't slow down on making purchases,
I'll probably go loopy from all the excitement of all these new things! Ahhh!)
I got Pure Presets Set 2 from Pure Actions for Photographers.
I needed something to test them on, of course.

My lovely sister :) 

And now my "lovelies" ;)

Yes, and the people who keep me good company...

...and remind me to stay fashionable. ;)

Ashley's grandpa is such a loving man and so grandfatherly!

...warms my heart to see this cute little girl with her daddy.
I snuck this of them while they went off to sit in the shade during
the ceremony. 

This makes me miss the bright colors of summer. 
Why are people already wearing darker colors?!

And they had a delicious reception! ;)

My cousin and me :)



  1. Ooh very dramatic! Love the look the action gives to the photos. A little different!

    1. Yeah, I'm really happy with my purchase :)

  2. Melonie Whitson told me about the beautiful picture of Brandon and Laurie and naturally I want a copy of it. She told me I would. Is there someway I can get a copy? Thanks. My email address is gloriamartensataoldotcom. Loved seeing a few of the pictures from Ashley's wedding. I had not seen any previously except maybe one on FB somewhere.

    1. Absolutely! I'll try to send it to you sometime today. :)

  3. Thanks, MarLeah. The picture is simply beautiful.