07 May 2014


I am feeling so productive today, so I decided to take a little time to blog a bit.
Productive as in... I already went to town, had an interview, came back and completed a 2 page case review for business law. Boom! Oh, and I added the pictures of Sacha and her girl to the templates I use for posting them to facebook and to post official session posts on here... So maybe I'll have the post up by Friday or Saturday. Or tomorrow if you're lucky. ;)

The interview was for a teller position at a bank. Actually, it's the bank I primarily use so I know the manager, and he was one of the ones I interviewed with. He said there wouldn't be a second interview if they choose me, because they need the positioned filled as soon as possible. And as I left the interview he said that he could call next week when the decision was made. Well, next week also holds the very last day I have to go in to college and take my last final (the rest are online). No more school at all after that! 
So next week could mark some of the biggest changes in my life. Because I've been in school ever since I moved past that stage of spending days on end at my neighbors house playing pirates, drawing on her white cat, and pretending like their kitchen window was our fast food service (aka Micky D's). And I have never, ever worked a public job... nor had the government take half of my gross pay for taxes ;P jk
I have no clue if I will get the job, of course. I know that God knows and understands, though, so I'm not really worried. But! Just considering that if I did get the job, what better timing than to finish school and get a job the same week? I know that the Lord did that for my cousin, Heather's brother. :) If it falls through, then no more job excitement for me, :/ but my excitement for finishing school will forever remain! ;D Whew! That is one thing I at least have assurance about right now. ;)

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Yay! Hope it all works out! I'm thinking of giving in my two weeks' notice so we can go to Oregon and then Monark too! Then I start college. It's so crazy how life works... :P

    1. Ah, wow! Yeah, I certainly agree! It's crazy :)